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HEllo, I'm
Marc Abbink

A software entrepreneur that Loves a challenge


Hi there! I’m Marc, a software entrepreneur that loves to work on challenging / innovative projects. Pioneering is what I do, wether that’s in Mobile, API bridges, portals or BlockChain. As long as there is a problem to be solved.

Over the years I have co-founded 4 different tech startups in 4 different markets with a variety of people. I am usually responsible for the technical part and try to get (and keep) everything together.

  • Name: Marc Abbink
  • Email: info@marcabbink.nl
  • Phone: +31 (0)6 16804163
  • Date of birth: 8 December 1990
  • Address: Lichtenbergerweg 4, 7462PT Rijssen
  • Nationality: Netherlands

My Skills

My skills

I started drawing when I was only 12. From that point on, I went more and more into design, UI, UX, programming, building websites, portals, apps, API’s, machine learning and now blockchain technology. This divers skill set makes me ideal for startups or innovatie projects.

Mobile development

Expert, 6 years

Blockchain development

Advanced, 2 years

Front-end development

Expert, 7 years

Design & UI

Advanced, 10 years


So trough-out the years I have done a lot of different things. Trying to master all aspects of a software company. Including SEO optimisation, different frameworks and the latest technologies. Below are a number of things that I specialize in.

  • Google Analythics & SEO
  • Mobile applications
  • Platforms
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • React JS
  • Fuse Tools
  • Javascript
  • Game development
  • Machine learning
  • Grid & Layout
  • Teamwork
  • Strategy

Language Skills

I also learned some languages over the years. Naturally dutch because I live there, but german and cantonese are kind of a hobby;)

Dutch expert
English expert
German basic
Cantonese beginner


14 Years Experience

I started designing about 14 years ago. Since than it has been an awesome rollercoaster ride trough-out UI, UX, development, apps, SEO, portals, platforms, back-end development, front-end development, machine learning and now blockchain development. In these years I worked on 15+ portals, 20+ apps, 30+ tools and 150+ website’s. However, I also co-founded 4 software companies. And those are the projects I like to to the most.


Technical lead

2015 - 2017
ISO2HANDLE is an online platform that bridges the gap between certifications, companies, normscheme auditors and external experts. We provide a platform that simplifies normschemes like ISO9001:2015, VCA and VCU and make it more usefull for companies to actually make use of these normschemes. This way, a norm like ISO9001 can go from an expensive obstruction in your organisation to the base for all your key decision making, tread spotting and risk management.

Technical lead

2013 - 2017
Rootz is a new interactive way to read children’s books together, either on the couch or long distance. The easy to use and child-friendly app has a great collection of quality children’s books and educational games. Every month, the collection is updated with new book titles and games. Rootz is free the first year and includes a serie of children’s books and games to start immediately.

Development & Design

2012 - 2016
Gini-Recruit is an online platform that provides all the recruitment tools that a recruitment company needs.
Gryphon Interactive


2012 - 2017
Gryphon Interactive is my own software company in which I do all kinds of projects for all kinds of clients.


My portfolio consists of Apps, Platforms, Games and Libraries

Whenever there is a technical challenge, I am interested. With that mindset I helped out dozens of companies, individuals and clients building and improving websites (80+) apps (20+), platforms (20+) and tools (50+).


Let's Keep In Touch

I am always open for new challenges, teams, projects or feedback.

7462PT Rijssen, Lichtenbergerweg 4 The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 16804163

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